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When should you get your eyes tested?

In most cases, a comprehensive eye test every 2 years will ensure that your eyes stay healthy and your vision remains sharp.  However, if you have a medical condition like diabetes, previous eye surgery or trauma, high prescription for your current glasses, a lazy eye, or a family history of glaucoma or macular degeneration, we advise to have more frequent eye exams.

There are some signs and symptoms that should investigate getting an eye test  even if you aren't due up for one.  If you experience any of the following symptoms you should schedule an eye test as soon as possible.

When should you get your eyes tested?

Sudden Blurry Vision or Problems Focusing

Sudden blurry vision or focus problems can be a sign of a significant health issue and should always be taken seriously. If the blurry vision comes and goes, or is limited to one eye, you should schedule an exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Sudden appearance of visual disturbances such as floaters, flashes of light, or obstruction of vision

Sudden onset of any of these visual disturbances could be a sign of a serious, vision-threatening disorder such as a retinal detachment, retinal tear, or retinal hole.  Anyone who experiences these signs must seek immediate (within 24 hours, or sooner) medical attention by an optometrist, ophthalmologist or emergency room physician for proper diagnosis and treatment to minimize vision loss.

Gradual Blurring of Vision

This is the type of vision degradation that gradually happens over a period time. If you have noticed that you're moving a book or the computer screen further away from your eyes than you use to to improve vision clarity, it's probably time to get an eye test. The same goes if you notice yourself sitting closer to the television or bring objects closer to you to read them (like looking at writing on a cereal box.)


Frequent headaches can be a sign of a vision problem. Changes in vision take place slowly and are often imperceptible at first. Headaches can be one of the early warning signs of a change in vision your vision. If you are experiencing re-occurring headaches, you may want to consider getting your eyes checked.

Eye Pain or Eye Fatigue/Strain

Having some infrequent eye pain or eye strain isn't usually a big problem. Everything from the amount of sleep you may be getting or even seasonal seasonal allergies can cause temporary eye pain or fatigue. Experiencing continued eye pain for more than a few days, or pain with eye movements, it's a good idea to get it checked out. It can sometimes be a sign of an eye infection or more serious health condition. It could even be a warning sign that your vision has changed. Best advice is to get it checked out.


Frequent squinting is the most prominent sign that it's probably time to come in for an eye exam. People squint because the act of squinting reduces extraneous light entering the eye and therefore reduces light scattering, which in turn improves vision.  Quite often it is one of the first signs in children that they may need eyeglasses.  If you notice yourself squinting more than usual, be on the safe side and book in for an eye test.

Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light can be a sign that you should get an eye exam. Light sensitivity can be a symptom of a number of disorders or eye diseases (as well as an eye infection.)

When do you need to get an eye test?

An Eye Infection

Swelling of the eyelids, itchiness, redness, a pink discoloration of the whites of your eyes, and/or discharge may indicate that you have an eye infection.  If you experience any of these symptoms, book in for an eye test immediately and have it looked at.

My eyes seem fine... Why should I get them examined?

In most cases changes in vision occur slowly. We find most people are unaware that they are no longer seeing 20/20. Potentially sight-threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration do not cause perceptible changes in vision when they first begin. An eye test can detect eye diseases in their early stages before permanent vision loss has occurred. 

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